Because of the Internet



When Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, released his second studio album in 2013, he also released a script to accompany the album.  The album actually works as a soundtrack to the script.  He gave the script away for free to the public and has stated that anyone who wants to use the script can.  We thought it was the perfect script to turn into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).  The script will become a living piece of art that can be remade over and over again by different artists and all this will be controlled by the governance system of Aragon.  

Participants will be able to vote on cast, budget, locations, and other decisions to be determined.  Make sure to check us out on our official Breaker discord channel (#because_of_the_internet_public) to join in the conversation.  If you want to join the private conversation you will need to participate in our token launch on (coming soon).   

We will structure the DAO that once the initial seed money has been returned to the seeders, 100% of the proceeds will be allocated to the DAO treasury and the fund will be distributed to the next artist based on voting by DAO participants.  The final product will be available on the Breaker distribution portal.


Clapping for the Wrong Reasons
Directed By: Hiro Murai