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Because The Internet

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When Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, released his second studio album in 2013, he also released a script to accompany the album.  The album actually works as a soundtrack to the script.  He gave the script away for free to the public and has stated that anyone who wants to use the script can. 

RUDE Labs has taken the script and music associated and minted them into tNFTs on Graviton's minting platform.  We have also formed a DAO around the whole project.  You can find the links for everything below and checkout our embedded tNFT Gallery for the collection provided by NFT Embed. (Disclaimer:  none are or ever will be for sale)


Help Seed The Files Using Graviton's tNFT Client

Clapping for the Wrong Reasons
Directed By: Hiro Murai
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