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Jose and Troy teaching a class on indie film making


Jose and Troy are two guerrilla film makers located in Hollywood California with multiple projects under their belts, which between the two, include 3 features and 2 documentaries. They want to help you get the most professional looking reel you can get.  Everyone knows about headshots, but most casting appointments are made with the actor reel.  Let's be honest, we live in a digital age and making a video is too easy now not to have professional looking reels.



We use the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5k, which is the secret to our success.  It was the first camera at it's price point to shoot RAW and have 13 stops of dynamic range. Most people will tell you what you want on a camera is resolution, those people don't know what they are talking about.  The dynamic range is what gives you the beautiful picture of the pros.  It's what allows you to get your darkest blacks and brightest whites along with everything in between.  We use a Zoom and Sennheiser receivers for the sound, have a light kit, slider and aerial drone for build up shots.  Check out all our equipment here.



  1. Meet and greet:  This is where we go over what you want to do, we have a list of question that will help us get a better understanding of what you want.  It can either be done through Skype or a sit down.  This allows us to start to cater a set up for you.

  2. The Plan:  Here is where we present to you with what we think would be the best option for you and the way we can get it done.

  3. Shooting:  Depending on what we have designed for you this will take 1-2 days.  We work with a small crew so shooting happens fast and since it's for a reel we only focus on 3-4 shots depending on what we want to achieve for the feel and flow.

  4. Editing/Coloring: We do all editing and coloring in house to keep the cost low and turn around fast.  Coloring will depend heavily on what genre and feel you are going for in the scenes.

  5. Delivery: Turn around runs a week to week and a half depending on schedules.



We keep the price low by using all in house equipment, if we do feel we need to rent out a studio or other equipment we go to our "guys" who always give us the lowest deal in the city. As we stated above, we are gorilla film makers so we try to avoid all that at all costs, but if it does arise of course it's your call and would be added to your bill.  The cost is $300 and then is $100 per scene added people to a scene is $100 per scene if they are prominent (IE use it for their reel).  We can talk about package deals.  The meet and greet is free and we talk about the price when we get to the plan stage.  Satisfaction guarantee NO MONEY UP FRONT!


Use the forum below to set up a meeting and we will email you with a couple questions that will get you ready for the meet and greet so we can get what we need from you to design what you are looking for.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Rudimental Reels


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